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 Say Hello to XTREME Carpet Repair! We Fix Carpets!

 Say Hello to David he specializes in providing top-notch service in fixing & repairing carpets. David stretches the wrinkles out so your carpet can lay flat. His fixing, stretching & cleaning experience with over 15+ years of expertise in the Edwardsville Metro East region in Southern Illinois and surrounding areas.

David is very-good and specializes in repairing, Cleaning, and stretching carpets.

He uses power stretchers, kickers, cutters, row finders, and special devices to stretch carpet and patch, bond together & repair your carpet flooring.

Unbeatable Expertise

David has been repairing carpets for more than 15 years, making him one of the most experienced carpet repairmen in the Metro East region in the Metro East. He uses power stretchers, Knee less kickers, specialty cutters, row finders, straight edge, and special devices to stretch and repair carpets with expertise.


David has already done over 10,000 repair jobs in the Metro East region and surrounding areas. Whether it’s a minor tear or a major rip he can handle them all with ease.


We offer competitive prices for our services so that you don’t have to break the bank while getting your carpets fixed. We guarantee fast turnaround times so that you can enjoy your fresh-looking carpets as soon as possible!

Carpet repair like no other

David's expertise ensures that your carpets look as good as new. His experience extends beyond just fixing & stretching, we also offer steam cleaning and deep-cleaning services to guarantee a thorough restoration of your carpets. Yep repair, stretch then clean those dark lines where the wrinkles were! #1 in cleaning & repairing carpet in Madison & Saint Clair Counties of Illinois.


The XTREME team is dedicated to providing a seamless experience that will leave your carpets looking smooth and wrinkle-free. Our services are affordable, and our work speaks for itself — guaranteed satisfaction for every customer!

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